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When recovery seems unimaginable.

It’s hard to imagine being truly recovered…life without ED, what does that even look like?

For me it wasn’t so much that I was looking forward to any one thing in particular, but more looking forward to not thinking about the things that most other people never gave a second thought..whether that was dinner with friends; Friday night take away with the family; Xmas lunch; cake and coffee on the weekend; ice cream on a hot day or extra chocolate at Easter time.

I’ve worked with hundreds of young people that have an ED, each have their own story- have I helped all of them, of course not! parents often ask me “ will they ever be free of it”? “ can you help them? “ I can’t guarantee that I can or that they will be free… but what i can say is this-

I will never give up on them, I will never stop trying , I will believe in them even when they feel as though everyone else has lost hope… I will work at their own pace, I will see them until they don’t need me anymore. I will give them the support that I never had, the space to tell their story and the freedom to feel truly accepted for being just them.

I count myself as truly blessed, I love what I do, I love working with young people and their families and I feel honoured every time a young person tells me their story

Eating disorders aren’t just about choosing not to eat for awhile or about trying to be healthy….they are a serious mental health illness that severely impacts both mind and body…they have the potential to take over your life, fracture relationships and destroy your love of food.

There’s no good time to get help but what I can say for sure…everyone deserves support, everyone deserves someone in their team to help them realise that there is so much of life that they have to look forward to- so don’t wait any longer, ask for help today.

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