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F.E.A.S.T Global Education and Support Community

International organization for caregivers of eating disorder patients. Serves families by providing information and mutual support


F.E.A.S.T Around the Dinner Table Forum

Forum with parents of children with eating disorders sharing strategies and stories


Maudsley Parents

Website explaining Family-Based Treatment (FBT)


Eating Disorders Victoria

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) provides a comprehensive support and information service on all aspects of eating disorders


The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders

Provides information and advice for carers


Mindfulness for Teens

Mindfulness Resources for young people


Health Direct

Definitions of Eating Disorders


EDFA (Eating Disorders Families Australia)

EDFA was set up by a group of Australian parents with the lived experience of renourishing their child to health. The organisation provides education and support to parents who have cared for, or are caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. EDFA advocates for the needs of parents and their children.


STRIVE (Support, Teach, Reassure, Inform, Validate, Empower)

STRIVE is a national support group for parents and carers. These peer-led groups aim to facilitate connection with others, reduce carer isolation, and build confidence through shared knowledge on how to be an effective carer for a loved one with an eating disorder. STRIVE groups are organised through EDFA.


FEAST (Families Empowered & Supporting Treatment Of Eating Disorders)

FEAST is an international organisation providing mutual support, education and information.


FYI (Feed Your Instincts)

For parents who may have concerns their child may be developing an unhealthy relationship with food, weight, or their body, FYI is an interactive tool to guide you in taking the next steps to supporting your child and seeking the appropriate advice.


Butterfly Foundation For Eating Disorders

The Butterfly Foundation provides information, education, and support for everyone affected by an eating disorder including sufferers, their family, and friends.


Inside Out Institute For Eating Disorders

Inside Out is Australia’s national research and clinical excellence institute dedicated to improving the lives of people with eating disorders and those who care for them.


NEDC (National Eating Disorders Collaboration)

NEDC is the national authority for evidence-based information about eating disorders.

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