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Today I am feeling annoyed- it never ceases to amaze me how many times I hear the same thing from clients, that is, "everyone just keeps saying "you just need to eat this" and "follow this plan" as though ED will magically disappear and everyone can get back to their busy lives!

I wish it were that easy- why am I annoyed?.. as parents, we want the best for our children, I get it, so of course, we take what health professionals say as gospel, even if it is often misguided and at times incorrect! if things don't move fast enough or if weight is not restored, then it must be because the health professional isn't experienced, right?, nothing to do with the fact that ED is never just about the food!

There is nothing worse for anorexia than to continually hear, " just one more mouthful", "just eat this and you can go out", "how hard can it be"- let me tell you- it's hard, it's relenting, it's constant noise, judging you, making you feel that you're a failure if you eat and if you don't, feeling like you've let down your loved ones.

Anything good takes time, and there's no end date, which makes it hard, particularly for families wanting it all to return to "normal". But what I have learnt, with having a lived experience as well as working as a health professional, being treated as a person and not an eating disorder and being heard, is truly ESSENTIAL for recovery.

I pride myself on my ability to connect with young people and engage with them, I am passionate about recovery, working with you and your families and ensuring you're supported!

So, make sure you find someone that you and your young person can engage with, talk to and feel comfortable with, they need to feel listened to - as it's not all about the food!

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